About us

ROBOT Metselwerk has been founded on practical knowledge and experience with masonry facades, as well as on theoretical knowledge of the application of masonry in building projects. The practical knowledge is provided by Metselbedrijf Meulendijks and the theoretical knowledge by Adviesbureau Vekemans.

The lectern of Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler at the ETH in Zürich (CH) focusses on the digital materialization of constructions. One of the materials wich there are engaged with is  masonry. It is with this material that they have realized a special masonry face in 2006, Vineyard Gantenbeim in Fläsch (CH). This was the start of the collaboration with Keller AG Ziegeleien in Pfungen (CH) a robot and design software and the ROBmade Elements. With this collaboration it became possible for architect to apply textures and images on masonry facades wich are impossible to make for a mason. ROBOT Metselwerk represents in this field the activities of Keller AG Ziegeleien in North-West Europe and Scandinavia.