Adviesbureau Vekemans

Metselwerk Adviesbureau Vekemans is a consultancy firm specialised in consulting en innovation in the field of masonry. The wide experience in this field and the expertise within our consultancy firm have resulted in beautifull projects, special masonry constructions and innovative products.


Through the years various products have been developed that are derived from masonry or being used in a masonry facade.  We do not only support the technical part of the production and application of bricks and concrete blocks, but also for masonry caps, lintels, facade carrier, wall ties and other masonry products.


We can say that we have a wide experience with consulting on traditional masonry and prefab masonry, glued masonry and dry piling of bricks in facades.


Meanwhile many architects have found their way to our firm and we have supported them in the development and realisation of the projects of masonry facades which they have developed.  We like to search for the limits of possibilities with masonry, all within the boarders of the execution possibilities.


Consequently, more and more contractors find their way to our firm for the support of the execution of the masonry process on site. Usually, this results in a considerably better kwality and results in a considerable reduction of the failure costs.


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